Multilingual, multiplatform, multipurpose, and multichannel digital marketing and SEO will bring multiple benefits to your reputation, reach, website traffic, brand awareness, and profit!

Cross-Language SEO & Transcreation

Transcreation instead of translation and high-quality content in many different languages make Optimized and Manhattan Social the best multilingual SEO agency in New York. Nothing will be lost in translation! Your content will be well-planned and written by native speakers of the local language. 

Compete in various markets, offering relevant, authentic, and engaging content in the local language. Choose between English, Spanish, French, German, Serbian, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, and Tagalog. With clients all over the globe, our team can develop a custom SEO strategy for your website in several languages.

Music Industry SEO Services

The optimization of page titles and meta descriptions, the creation of distinctive and engaging content like artist biographies, tour schedules, and record reviews, and the development of high-quality backlinks from other reputable music websites are some particular strategies for music SEO. If you’re a musician or own a music-related website and need a cost-efficient way to boost traffic and increase sales, consider starting your SEO campaign with Optimized.